734.648.0669 4095 PATTERSON LAKE RD | PINCKNEY, MI 48169 SUN & MON 11AM - 10PM | TUES - THURS 11AM - 12AM | FRI & SAT 11AM - 2AM


There’s truly no place on earth like Hell, so why not embrace it?

Our one-of-a-kind decor makes it a must see with your family and friends. Be sure to share your best memories with us on Facebook!

The Hell Saloon in Hell, Michigan, was opened in 2016 by Judi DeKroub. She decided to continue presenting amazing food and evening entertainment to the area after the success of her first restaurant, La Vita Bistro, in nearby Pinckney.

Together with Executive Chef, Eirik Kauserud, they bring globally influenced cuisine to a funky and fun environment and are willing to bet that their menu will be the best in Hell’s half acre.

You’re invited to stay all day and party all night at the Hell Saloon. Bring a friend, let your hair down, and don’t forget to take home a souvenir.

Meet Skelly & Lucy

Our favorite bartender, Skelly, never thought he’d go from riding wild mustangs out west to slinging beer in Hell.

Back in the 1800s, he made it big in the gold rush. He was once a very powerful man, picture a Gatsby on the West coast. Unfortunately, like Gatsby, he met a tragic death all too young. However, it might not have been the worst thing for our friend, Skelly.

After death, Skelly was lost, he didn’t know what to do without the material world, that is, until he met Miss Lucy. She was a teacher in her past life and ready for an adventure. They ended up being the perfect combination of danger and sense. They traveled everywhere together, seeing things only possible from the other side until they took the best wrong turn possible and ended up in Hell. Hell Saloon is now home to Skelly and Lucy Bones, and they plan on living here happily ever after…(in their afterlife!) We hope you get a chance to meet them.